About Us

Blanik Aircraft CZ, s.r.o. has launched following activities

  • maintenance of existing fleet
  • production of Blanik gliders
  • development of L23NG

Blanik Aircraft was settled in 2014 as subsidiary of Blanik, Ltd. Company, which is owner of all Blanik type certificates

Our organization confirmed high quality of the services and internal processes

Certifications аnd Approvals :

Design Organisation Approval

Production Organisation Approval

Maintenance Organization Approval Part 145

FAA – AMOC approval L-13

Major Change Approval TDC-002-L13-BL (Airworthiness restoration)

EASA Airworthiness Directive 2011-0135R1 ( 27 January 2016)

Certificate of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2009

Type certificate L13,L13A,L13AC

Type certificate L-23

Type certificate L-33



Báječný svět létání, Karolinum 2017  http://bajecnysvetletani2017.flying-revue.cz/

Srdečně Vás zveme na unikátní multimediální výstavu Báječný svět létání z expedic Flying Revue.

Součástí programu bude i přednáška Václava Křížka o záchraně a návratu uzemněné legendy, Blaníku L13, na oblohu.

Těšíme se na viděnou!


The FAA now approved the modification to lift the Airworthiness Directive

Global AMOC  is applicable to the model L-13 all serial numbers, certificated in any category


Dear owners and supporters  of L-13 Blanik gliders.

We are proud we can announce to the soaring community that the FAA has released Federal Aviation Administration approval of the Blanik Limited Airworthiness Restoration of the Blanik Limited model L-13 glider – FAA Project Number AT00794CE-G.

Now we are closely working with the FAA to submit and approve an AMOC (Alternative Method of Compliance) which will precisely specify how to maintain the fleet of grounded L-13s in the U.S. based on their technical condition.

We believe that we are close to the solution which will get the L-13 fleet flying again. We are also looking for qualified maintenance shops which are interested in performing the required modification.

Our goal is to bring the L-13s back to the sky before next season.


Vaclav Krizek
Chief Executive Officer

8.06.2016  Maiden flight after wing reinforcement program


 23.04.2016 L-13 Blanik – Aero 2016 Friedrichshafen