Blanik aircraft cz

established in 2014 with the view of a complete takeover of the Blanik  project, originally produced by LET Kunovice since the end of the fifties.

Blanik Aircraft CZ is a holder of all Blanik glider TC.

The company is focused on designing individual aircraft versions, performance of design changes including testing, maintenance and repairs.
It is also the only company worldwide to offer a new all-metal glider.

We provide complete service and support for all Blanik gliders operators within the AW.

Blanik Aircraft CZ offers l-13 modernization, support and services for existing fleet, as well as Life extension program of L-13 Blanik gliders up to 6000 flight hours.


Manufacturing process, design engineering, and aircraft maintenance


Riveting, CNC turning, Gear milling, CNC milling, surface grinding and drilling, Pressing, Defectoscopy, Special gear modifications, Shot blasting, Precision measuring, Wet painting and powder coating, Waterjet cutting, Welding, Pipe bending, CNC corner forming, Airframe and subassemblies production


3D scanning and Reverse engineering, QC checking, Solidworks inspection, Drawings creation, Stress and F&DT engineering, DOA activity advisory, Testing of aircraft parts and appliances, Certification activity assistance

Aircraft maintenance

Life extension program for L-13 Blaník up to 6000 FH, L-13A - production of new wings, rebuilt of L-13 to L-13A configuration, L-23 production in the latest configuration has been restored, CAMO services, Maintenance and periodical inspections, Airframe repairs, Overhauls and spare parts production,  Custom painting


Our CEO Václav Křížek was awarded the „Personality of the Czech Aviation 2023“ title by the
Subcommittee on Aviation and Space Program of the Czech Republic Parliament.
The ceremony was held on March 20th, 2023.