We provide various  services, starting from initial idea elaboration, resulting into delivery of complex approved project documentation & subsequent PLM.

Blanik Aircraft

Large Aircraft

Our EASA Part 21J design authorization extention for CS-25  large aircraft category allows us to provide airlines with minor modification development services for safer and more efficient aircraft operations.

  • Re-arrangement of a cabin interior (e.g. seats)
  • Seat modification (seat belts change, seat cover and seat cushions change)
  • Seat track cover installation
  • Partition and divider installation
  • Interior placards installation (inboard lettering reflecting the dual language req.)
  • Emergency Exit sign
  • Repainting luggage bins
  • Floor proximity lighting change
  • New wall laminates (film change)
  • Galley and galley equipment change
  • PSU re-arrangement

Small Aircraft

As TC holder for L-13 Blaník, L-23 Super-Blaník and L-33 Sólo, we perform a wide scope of work in accordance with EASA.21J.609 authorization.

Blanik Aircraft
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